Better access to the pill

Examples from overseas have demonstrated if pharmacists continue to supply women with the oral contraceptive pill, there are a range of benefits for women, including; greater access, added convenience, and money saved.

United Kingdom

In the UK, a pilot study in South London between 2009-2011 found that pharmacists were more than capable of renewing prescriptions of the pill, with 87% of patients ‘very satisfied’ by the process – particularly the convenience, anonymity, drop-in system, longer opening hours and lack of waiting times.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, community pharmacists have been able to independently continue prescriptions for certain contraceptive pills since February 2017. This move was accepted by the New Zealand Medicines and Medial Devices Safety Authority (Medsafe) after being proposed by the Medicine Classifications Committee (MCC). The MCC concluded pharmacists were as capable as other health professionals, like doctors, in supplying and issuing continuing supply of the pill.

Women in Australia could save over ten million dollars a year.

That’s over $114 per person over three years and $190 over five years – if those who went to see a GP to renew their prescriptions for the contraceptive pill instead visited a community pharmacist for a continuing supply.